Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: Interclient bugs?
Author Shaunak Mistry
Torsten Welches wrote:
> --- In, "Shaunak Mistry" <smistry@i...> wrote:
> > There is a interclient tree at sourceforge containing both the 2.0
> > (on the trunk) and the 1.6 (as a branch) sources. I am one of the
> > commiters to the CVS tree, if it is okay with you I would not mind
> > taking your change and putting it up in the in the tree once I can
> > run it through the test available to me.
> Of cause it's ok with me.
> Do you have any news about the test cases, when they will be
> available to the public and so forth. Honestly I can't understand why
> Inprise not simply releases them to the public. Can you tell us why?
We are currently planning to release the test case system and a part of
the tests. Once things get sorted out, I will say more :-) Let me
however say one thing, we at InterBase (in Inprise) do understand your
need for testcases and have been trying to explain to Inprise mgnt. why
we should release it.

> Thanks for your time,
> Torsten


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