Subject problems with connections in v1.6
Author Peter Wilkinson
I'm trying to debug a strange situation when using the following:
JRun Servlet Engine 3 with a pool of connections -> Interclient 1.6 ->
Interbase SuperServer 6 all on the same machine and all running on Linux
(I've tried Sun's JDK and IBM JDK both v1.3)

After running for a while the number of connections made through Interclient
by the servlet goes up. It reaches a point, only around 10 connections I
think (just going by the number of IB threads running), where Interbase will
no longer handle connections until I kill the connections coming from the
servlet. When using isql it hangs just before the SQL> prompt and as soon as
I kill the Interclient connections it goes straight in. Interbase doesn't
completely hang it keeps handling the queries through the connections in the

I've tried making a large number of connections directly to Interbase using
isql and get the thread count up much higher with no problems so it seems to
me that it is a Interclient problem.

Is there a connection limit setting that I've missed???
Anything else anyone can think of???
Or is this a bug in Interclient although it is strange that it causes
Interbase to block connections???