Subject Re: [IB-Java] InterBase, InterClient, InterServer & BDE jigsaw
Author Krzysztof Golko
Hi there,

I don't feel like I'm expert, but came along the same
problems not so long ago.

> So I have downloaded and installed
> .
> But there is also another download called
> "InterClient" which is available
> from
> Moving around the Inprise/Borland site I find that I
> "should" have the
> InterClient as well as the InterBase Server.
> Confusingly, the InterClient
> product also has a feature called "InterServer" !!!

> Q1. My first question is what are the respective
> roles/functions served by
> "InterBase Server" and "InterClient" ?
InterServer is (sort of) part of InterClient,
InterServer is part of an installation of InterClient

> Q2. Next, is the "InterServer" part of
> "InterClient" the same as, or
> anything to do with "InterBase Server" ? Also,
> should I start it? Do I
> need it? Etc...
InterServer is very much unlike the Interbase Server.
You need to run it in order to access InterVase server
through InterClient.
Start with reading the documentation supplied with the

> Q3. Is a PC with Pentium III 550 MHz CPU, & 256 MB
> RAM, running under Win98
> SE ok for these products?
Absolutely, it's not Oracle.

> Q4. Who *does* support InterBase V6 (for
> installation, usability and
> technical questions) ???
I would expect tehre will be companies offering
support, I've read something about support contract. I
hope smebody else can answer this question.

> Q5. What is "Borland Database Engine"? How does it
> fit in with JBuilder2,
> InterBase Server, InterClient and InterServer?
You don't need BDE for this.

> Q6. Do I need it to access typical databases
> (MS-Access, IBM-DB2, ODBC
> compatible etc.)?
Sort of, to access databases which BDE can access
including abovementioned, but InterClient is not good
enaigh for it.
You would probably need something like Data Gateway,
I'm under impression that it's a dying product (I'm
balancing on the edge of my knowledge). On the other
hand BDE is not something highly recomendable for Java

> Q7. If yes (to Q6), where/how do I get it?
> Finally, having installed InterBase Server, I
> thought I would look at the
> sample databases provided: e.g. employee.gdb.
from Borland, it's part of Delphi and C++Builder and
can be purchsed separately as well

> Q8. Why is the user SYSDBA with password
> "masterkey"? (Also how do I
> change password? Change user to register the
> database?)

> Q9. When I attempt to register a database with a
> user id and password, I
> get an error: "Error connecting to the requested
> database" with detail of
> "DPB Constant (0) is unknown" (now that really is
> a meaningful and helpful
> diagnostic !!) What is the fix for this error?
> Q10. When I attempt to register a database, in
> addition to the user id and
> password, I am also asked for the "Role" - what is
> this? - how is it
> sed? - what values are allowed?
> Q11. When I attempt to connect to *any* database I
> also get the error in Q9
> above. How to I resolve this instance of the
> error?
Get IBConsole buld 308 from web
site. IBConsole build 309 you try to use doesn't work.

kris golko

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