Subject Re: [IB-Java]
Author Shaunak Mistry

I will answer your 2nd question instead of the first to the best of my
knowledge. Right now Inprise is hoping to have a CVS tree setup
somewhere outside of Inprise (e.g.. SourceForge) where InterClient code
will be along with the other InterBase source code. This should be set
up really soon (hopefully by the end of this week). Once this is set up
we should have a system setup for people to submit changes.

Shaunak Mistry
InterBase R&D, Inprise Corporation.

Terry Child wrote:
> Hi All,
> 2. A slight less technical question. Who 'owns' interclient and what is the
> preferred way of communicating with active developers? By owns I don't mean
> legally but in the sense of where does the definitive verion of the source live?
> I know this is a highly political question at the moment, but there are
> currently two sources for the source code i.e. a zipped file from Inprise at
> and a CVS from Mers. If I come up with a bug fix who applies
> it and where does it end up?
> If anyone wants to answer my first question without addressing the second that
> would be a great help. For now I've downloaded the interclient1.6 sources from
> the CVS at and built a new interclient.jar which returns false
> instead of throwing the ICJ09 exception.
> Regards
> Terry Child
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