Subject second attempt: to our Inprise fellows
Author Torsten Welches

I tried to get some information a few days ago. I didn't get a response yet (except from Ravi, who says he can't help) so I just try again. Since Ted Shelton had been so kind to help me before I ask him, too.

Thanks in advance
Torsten Welches

Here's my former post:

Hi Shaunak (and bsriram@... + rkumar@...)

to be able to start work on IB-Java we need to know things like:

1. Does Inprise have test cases/unit tests for InterClient/InterServer? I know that I have asked that before but I am not sure if your answer, Shaunak, was indeed related to InterClient/InterServer.

2. If there are such test cases/unit tests: when will we be able to use them?

3. Does Inprise have a bug list for InterClient/InterServer? (When) Can we get it?

4. What else is availabe at Inprise related to InterClient/InterServer which is not yet public? (When) Will it be public?

Your help is very much appreciated!
Torsten Welches