Subject Re: IOException - Connection reset by peer
Author Torsten Welches

check out if your problem relates to a know time-out issue:

Current reports have been about Linux only, so it would be most
interesting to see if your problem on Win2000 relates...

Good luck,

--- In, tpridham@c... wrote:
> We are seeing in-frequent exceptions being thrown when doing an
> insert / update / delete. All we are doing is an
> update/insert/delete and then closing the connection. We are using
> the Interclient DataSource to get the connection and
> on Windows2000. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is
> error:
> Wed Oct 25 17:21:45 EDT 2000 -> InitiativeBean - removeInitiative -
> SQLException: interbase.interclient.CommunicationException:
> [interclient] Communication error: An IO exception occurred while
> trying to receive data from server
> The message of the IOException is "Connection reset by peer:
> in socket input stream read".
> See API reference for exception
> interbase.interclient.CommunicationException