Subject Re: Object / array on stack - Error
Author Torsten Welches

I assume your are using the Borland binaries, right? Download the
sources and recompile them with "your" JDK (-Xdepend). This should
fix it.

I suspect Borland used a 1.2.x compiler for the binaries. If you are
going with 1.3 you might see those VerifyErrors.

Good luck,

--- In, "Tom Pridham" <tpridham@c...> wrote:
> Using Interclient 2.0, I get a 50% fail rate when trying to run
> queries through the Interbase DataSource. Anyone else running this
> version? Anyone else have these kind of problems? Here is the
> error:
> java.lang.VerifyError: (class: interbase/interclient/ErrorKey,
> method: <clinit> signature: ()V) Expecting to find object/array on
> stack
> at interbase.interclient.JDBCNet._$125530(,
> Compiled Code)
> at interbase.interclient.JDBCNet.sendAndReceiveMessage
> (, Compiled Code)
> at interbase.interclient.Connection._$126448
> Compiled Code)
> at interbase.interclient.Connection.close(,
> Compiled Code)