Subject Jaybird 3.0.6 released
Author Mark Rotteveel
We are happy to announce the release of Jaybird 3.0.6.

This release is largely a bugfix release, but contains additional
support for Firebird 4.

Jaybird 3.0.6 contains the following fixes and changes:

* Fixed: Exceptions during fetch of cached result sets (holdable over
commit, scrollable and metadata) prevented prepared statement
reuse/re-execute with error "Statement state CURSOR_OPEN only allows
next states [CLOSING, PREPARED, ERROR], received EXECUTING" (JDBC-531)
* Improvement: Added FBManager.setDefaultCharacterSet to set default
database character set during database creation (JDBC-541)
* New feature: Support for Firebird 3 case sensitive user names (JDBC-549)
* Fixed: Savepoints did not work in connection dialect 1 as savepoint
names were always quoted (JDBC-556)
* Changed: The DatabaseMetaData statement cache introduced in Jaybird
3 was unlimited, it is now limited to 12 prepared statements; the least
recently used statement will be closed and removed when a new statement
is added (JDBC-557)
* Fixed: UPDATE OR INSERT with existing RETURNING clause handled
incorrectly for generated keys (JDBC-566)
* Fixed: Exceptions during initialization of result sets would not
properly close the database cursor leading to error "Current statement
state (CURSOR_OPEN) does not allow call to prepare" on reuse of the
statement (or errors similar to described for JDBC-531 above) (JDBC-571)
* New feature: boolean connection property ignoreProcedureType to
disable usage of metadata for stored procedure types in
CallableStatement. When set to true, call escapes and EXECUTE PROCEDURE
will default to use EXECUTE PROCEDURE and not switch to SELECT for
selectable stored procedures. (JDBC-576)
* New feature: connection properties timeZoneBind and sessionTimeZone
for limited support for Firebird 4 TIME(STAMP) WITH TIME ZONE types, and
decfloatBind for limited support for Firebird 4 DECFLOAT types. (JDBC-538)
* Fixed: Connection property defaultIsolation/isolation did not work
through DriverManager, but only on DataSource implementations. (JDBC-584)

Jaybird 3.0 supports Firebird 2.0 and higher, on Java 7, 8 and 9 and
higher. Basic Java 9 and higher compatibility is provided through the
Java 8 version of the driver.

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Mark Rotteveel