Subject Facebook friend requests
Author Lester Caine
Not sure where the best place to bring this up is, but it is a more
general discussion on communication between Firebird users.

I've had a number of friend requests on Facebook in the last couple of
weeks. Having trouble even understanding my first language at times
(English), other languages are difficult and the Facebook translations
do little to help. The stuff that has been decipherable on all the
requests has been 'Firebird', so it is probably that common interest
that has prompted it. Since Facebook offer no alternatives but to
'accept' or 'reject' I've opted to reject these requests, but that does
seem a little harsh when one can't easily offer an explanation why. It
is simply that I use facebook to keep in touch with family and relatives
on the whole, and 'business' activities are kept to a minimum given just
how bad Facebook is at unnecessary spam ... I've not posted to the
business facebook pages in years :(

Alternatives for social interaction? I have a google+ account which also
has Firebird traffic, but rarely look at it. I was about to commit to a
linkedin account, but now it's been taken over that will not happen. I
suspect it will go the same way egroups went ;)

Is it time to promote Firebird with a social media system powered by it
with a multi-lingual capability that actually works? We have been
covering it's strengths on PHP to try and improve popularity there and I
still have no reason to to switch to the only real alternative of
postgres even though that has the only GIS capability, so more general
discussion in other communities IS important!

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