Subject Re[2]: R: [Firebird-general] Firebird for Android
Author Dmitry Kuzmenko
Hello, Carlos!

Thursday, March 13, 2014, 4:19:21 PM, you wrote:

PSCF>> This I suppose it’s really difficult… but I think we have to go to mobile

CHC> I think it is not so difficult. Android is based on Linux, and we
CHC> already have FB for Linux, so probably it will need some adaptations,
CHC> but I guess it would not be so hard.... even "Borland" was able to
CHC> make IB for Android ;-)

As I saw, EMBT made IBLite for iOs and Android nearly at the same
time, even before XE5 with Android support, where IBLite for Android
could be used.
But, one of the causes of that fast move could be only that they have
one superserver architecture.

CHC> I guess the major problem that this didnt happen so far is the lack of
CHC> human resources and someone interested to do it.


DS> Hight load and data warehouses are more lucrative.

Sure, but why not to rule the world? Currently only SQLite
occupied mobile world. There is still chance to change it.
Firebird Embedded, as you know, works as a client for Firebird (!) server,
and even if someone will not use Embedded to store DB on the mobile,
it is a simpliest way to connect from mobile to server.
Currently "remote connect" support is very poor at mobile devices.

Dmitry Kuzmenko,