Subject Re: [Firebird-general] RE: MySQL versus Firebird
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Philippe Makowski wrote:

>>> When Firebird's SQL capabilities grew, but GPRE didn't, I tried the C
>>> API. I found it a total nightmare and now use Postgres and sqlite. I'm
>>> just sayin' Firebird would be a good fit (in the middle) and I'd use it
>>> if had a usable C API is all.
>> Could you be more specific as to what is unusable about the C API?
> not that it is "unusable", but we all know that it lack of
> documentation, and that it is really harder to work with than with
> Postgresql API to give only one example.

I've never had any trouble using the C API with the IB6 API Guide (and the FB Release Notes for our extensions).

Saying that it was a *pleasure* would be too much, but then: you only have to write your wrapper once (and/or a set of convenience functions), and then you can use it forever (as long as you don't switch languages) without having to look at the API itself.

Paul Vinkenoog