Subject Jaybird 2.2.4 released
Author Mark Rotteveel
The Firebird JDBC team is happy to announce the release of Jaybird 2.2.4.

The release is available from

This release contains the following fixes:

* Fixed: Exceptions during statement preparation leave connection and
transaction open after explicit close (JDBC-311)
* Fixed batch update (or insert) with blob set through setBinaryStream()
sets empty blob for all but the first batch entry (JDBC-312)
* Fixed incomplete checks of database, transaction, statement and blob
handle validity before continuing with actions. These incomplete checks
could lead to unexpected exceptions (for example a NullPointerException
in iscDatabaseInfo) (JDBC-313)
* Fixed error when setting connection charset equal to "file.encoding"
java property (JDBC-314)
* Fixed connection character set not correctly set when specifying the
Java connection characterset (charSet or localEncoding property) (JDBC-315)
* Fixed incorrect lengths and/or radix reported by getTypeInfo and
getColumns metadata (JDBC-317, JDBC-318)
* Initial Java 8 / JDBC 4.2 support (JDBC-319)
* Firebird 3 BOOLEAN type support, see Support for Firebird 3 BOOLEAN
type in the release notes for more details (JDBC-321)
* Added fallback of loading GDSFactoryPlugin implementations to prevent
NullPointerException in Hibernate reverse engineering wizard in NetBeans
* Fixed: Jaybird should specify dialect 3 in dpb when no explicit
dialect was set (JDBC-327)
* Fixed: several DatabaseMetaData methods defined by JDBC to only accept
the actual table name also accepted a LIKE-pattern or empty string or
null. This was changed to conform to JDBC. This change can break
applications that relied on the incorrect behavior (JDBC-331)
Affected methods are: getPrimaryKeys, getBestRowIdentifier,
getImportedKeys, getExportedKeys and getCrossReference. As part of this
change getIndexInfo now handles names in the wrong case slightly different.
Jaybird 3.0 will further modify and restrict the pattern matching and
case sensitivity of metadata methods. See Future changes to Jaybird in
the release notes for more details.

The release is also available on maven(*):

*The artifactId depends on your target Java version: jaybird-jdk15,
jaybird-jdk16, jaybird-jdk17 or jaybird-jdk18.
Mark Rotteveel