Subject news from Linux distributions front
Author Philippe Makowski

there was a bug in Firebird that did not handle well icu > 4.2
see (

2.1.4 and 2.5.0 packages in distributions were affected (Debian, Fedora,
Mandriva, Mageia) because they are using icu 4.4

Adriano fixed it and in these various distro updates are on the way

I know that some of you are using Centos 5.
The problem with Centos 5, is that you can't have Firebird 2.5 from EPEL
Centos 6 will give you the possibility to have Firebird 2.5 from EPEL6
repository, but seems that Centos6 take a long time to come.

You can try to use Scientific Linux instead
As Centos, the base SL distribution is basically Enterprise Linux
(RHEL), recompiled from source, and Scientific Linux 6.0 was released on
March 3, 2011

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