Subject Re: [Firebird-general] FYI: Firebird Web/Tracker may be unavailable on Wednesday January 12th
Author Helen Borrie
>At 07:33 AM 9/01/2011, Leyne, Sean wrote:
>>So the servers may be "unavailable/offline" due to inherent delay in the "rollout" of the DNS IP changes or delays/time required to complete the connection migration.

At 07:26 AM 13/01/2011, Helen Borrie wrote:

>Something has gone pear-shaped in the last hours of the migration, don't know details. The main website is up but not serving pages, Tracker currently is up. We are still on the old subnet.

OK, the latest is that plans at our Broadview web host have changed a bit but the IP address changes for our web, tracker and wiki VMs *have* happened. Expect a delay (minutes, perhaps hours) before all of the the changes kick in at our DNS host.

On past experience,, and take minutes, whilst www and wiki take longer. If you are desperate, should get you to the web server, which is running at the time of this posting. The Tracker ( ) seems to be O/S at the moment but I'm guessing that might be just down to software being hard-coded to the URL...