Subject Firebird's 10th birthday a bunch of conferences
Author Philippe Makowski
Dear Firebird Foundation members, dear Firebird users,

To celebrate the Firebird's 10th birthday and the launch of Firebird 2.5,
the Firebird Foudation Committee invite you to setup and participate to a worldwide bunch
of conferences.

The idea is to set up conferences every where there is a Firebird Community, to have at
least 10 conferences to celebrate the 10th birthday.

These conferences can have various format, from an half day to three days, the content can
be advance topics made by core developpers, but also Firebird show case, information about
the project it self, Firebird tools show case, speak about Firebird 2.5 new features, etc ...

To day we have :

- A one day conference in Ukraine On Friday, April 23, 2010
- A Firebird day in Brazil in July
- A three days combined HK-Software/Firebird conference in Bremen, Germany in November
- Sarajevo,France, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia are planned

It would be nice to have events in countries where we have Firebird users and where we
never had a conference before (Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc )

We the coordinate effort with the Mind the Bird campaign, we already have material that
can be useful (slides, webinars recording)

We are working on a "10th anniversary event package" organizers could use as core content
( with for example a speech/presentation about Firebird from day one to present and with
future plans). It would help organizers that don't have any local FB developer(s) and
can't afford to invite one.

We need now volunteers :
- to take in charge such event in their country
- content writers
- sponsors hunters
- speakers

Soon some web pages will be setup to inform and popularize this initiative

So please, anyone ready to help, please subscribe to the dedicated mailing list

So we can coordinate our efforts.


Philippe Makowski
Firebird Foundation