Subject Firebird needs more exposure - here's an idea...
Author Myles Wakeham
One of the more noticeable things with Firebird that appears obvious to
me, but may be going unnoticed, is the lack of 'evangelism' with the
project outside of the inner circles of the Firebird Community. What I
mean by evangelism is just open exposure of the project to new adoptees,
particularly in the Free Libre Open Source (FLOSS) world. In the very
area that thrives on open source software (Linux) we are barely
recognized as a project, let alone a database alternative to the likes
of MySQL or PostgreSQL.

I think that the Firebird project really needs to recognize just how
successful and wonderful its creations have been, and despite citing
testimonials and case studies on it, they never seem to get out to the
greater FLOSS community. Yes, we get nice poll results from time to
time but there is a golden opportunity out there right now to tell the
world that there is a powerful, reliable and real-life tested database
alternative to MySQL and PostgreSQL available.

There is a large number of audio & video media productions out there
that talk specifically about open source software. The more popular
ones are focussed on Linux, but we never get an interview on these
shows, or even a mention. Some that come to mind (in the Podcast world)

a. FLOSS Weekly (
b. Linux Outlaws (
c. Open Source Database Magazine Podcast

and countless others.

I know these shows are in English, but what we need is someone to step
up to the plate as a 'spokesperson' for the Firebird project, and get
interviewed on shows like this. The audiences of these shows
(particularly the more popular ones like FLOSS Weekly) are in the tens
of thousands, and these shows rely on interviews and press announcements
from open source projects for their content.

Of course the ideal scenario was that someone did a Firebird Podcast
regularly, but that might be asking a bit too much to start with. At
least getting interviewed on other shows is 'low hanging fruit' IMHO.

It might take a while to get a time/date for an interview, but in doing
this we'll reach tens of thousands of potential new Firebird adopters,
investors, etc. that can only help the project. All we need is someone
who is knowledgeable and 'radio friendly' to do the interview (its not
me, but I know we have people in the community I'd feel proud to
represent us). They do these interviews on Skype, so no traveling of
financial investment required by the foundation either.

Myles Wakeham
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