Subject It's Official: The next Delphi will support Firebird
Author m. Th.

From various sources (my EDN newsletter, reading some blogs and asking
also different 'guys') it's clear that E9o has a DBX Firebird driver for
the next Delphi release code-named 'Weaver'. While I don't have time to
test it, (too busy this time with other things), everyone who wants to
see this with their own eyes (_and_ test it to see if it's really good
as it sounds), as well as all the new features which Weaver will bring,
go to

and choose Delphi "Weaver" from there. (For the C++Builder coders there
is also a beta program - E9o releases together the two twins: Delphi &

@Helen: Sorry for cross-posting <sheepish grin>, but I think that
Firebird has gained a very good momentum these days and it's a pity to
not exploit it fully. Posted in firebird-support because it's a much
more crowded list.

@Others: All the ones who see this message in firebird-support and want
to comment it, please go to firebird-general and reply there. Thank you.