Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Updating FB2.1.2 download
Author Kjell Rilbe
Roger Vellacott wrote:
> I have the snapshot, and it solves the problem. It just seemed a bit
> weird to us that the only way we can have a stable version of FB is to
> use what, (cf Helen's reply), is an untested, and therefore potentially
> unstable, snapshot build, which was loaded to the website only 7 days
> after the official release.
> So from our point of view, the official, stable release is unstable.
> And the unofficial, unstable release is stable. I thought someone might
> want to do something about this.

But the stable release passed the QA tests present at that time, and
thus was considered stable at the time of release.

The snapshot, on the other hand, has fixed one or more issues with that
apparently not-so-stable release, and does *seem* to be more stable. The
problem is that the snapshot has not passed the QA tests yet, and has
not been field tested, so while it seems to solve your particular
instability with the stable release, it has not been confirmed that the
fix hasn't caused *other* instabilities.

This is the constant headache - making sure a fix doesn't break anything
else - and that's what hasn't yet been done with the snapshot. If you
skip that job, for any product that's not extremely simple, you *will*
end up with an endless cycle of unstable "stable" releases. Not quite
what we want to happen to FB.

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