Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Updating FB2.1.2 download
Author Roger Vellacott
I have the snapshot, and it solves the problem. It just seemed a bit
weird to us that the only way we can have a stable version of FB is to
use what, (cf Helen's reply), is an untested, and therefore potentially
unstable, snapshot build, which was loaded to the website only 7 days
after the official release.

So from our point of view, the official, stable release is unstable.
And the unofficial, unstable release is stable. I thought someone might
want to do something about this.

Roger Vellacott

Passfield Data Systems Ltd

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Subject: RE: [Firebird-general] Updating FB2.1.2 download

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> OK Helen, I withdraw the suggestion. I don't want to mess around with
> FB's very cautious release process, which is obviously a good thing.
> I guess it is a very obscure bug, requiring a peculiar combination of
> absurdly large numbers and certain PSQL operations, and in
> our apps only
> arises as the result of the user's data entry errors, so it's up to us
> to avoid it.

Did you want a snapshot or a full release?


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