Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Updating FB2.1.2 download
Author Roger Vellacott
OK Helen, I withdraw the suggestion. I don't want to mess around with
FB's very cautious release process, which is obviously a good thing.

I guess it is a very obscure bug, requiring a peculiar combination of
absurdly large numbers and certain PSQL operations, and in our apps only
arises as the result of the user's data entry errors, so it's up to us
to avoid it.

Roger Vellacott

Passfield Data Systems Ltd

At 06:11 PM 12/06/2009, rogervellacott wrote:
>This known bug
>is still in the standard download of Ver 2.1.2. We have now had 4
clients coming up against this show-stopping problem. We know how to fix
it - backup and restore, and copy fbserver.exe from the latest snapshot
build to \Firebird\Bin - but isn't it about time the standard download
file was updated from build 18118 to build 18126? It means the latest
"stable build" is not stable.

That's not how it works, Roger: ever! We never just blatt out a snapshot
and call it a release (or sub-release). Firebird 2.1.3 has been tagged
and additional bug-fixes for Firebird 2.1.3 are being polished at the
moment. Release notes have to be updated and checked, etc. Then, it goes
to QA; if it gets through there, it goes into pre-release for 2-3 weeks'
field-testing as a release candidate. It will be a build higher than
that of the latest snapshot. If the field-testing doesn't throw up any
more nasties, that build will become the v.2.1.3 subrelease.


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