Subject Re: Oracle buys Sun
Author tjelvare
I'm mainly developing web-applications and sites under php and with the new VPS-technology taking ground, mysql is consequently not the only option (as compared to most shared-hosting-plans).

There's technical benefits of using fb over mysql, one obvious is ram-requirements.
(The quickey to run a mysql under vps is disabling innodb and sometimes even table-lock)

The effect/integrity of running fb under vsp/san with/without forced-writes maby
should be looked into.

Mysql shouldn't be taken for granted as no1 on the internet, things change. ;-)


--- In, "Tommi Prami" <groups.tprami@...> wrote:
> > I'd say that nobody here cares about destiny of MySQL or depends on
> > Sun. How all this can affect Firebird?
> I believe this can be very positive for Firebird. Especially if Oracle
> continues to commercialize MySQL ever further than it is currently.
> Just a hunch...
> -TP-