Subject Re: Oracle buys Sun
Author plinehan
Douglas Tosi <douglasht@...> wrote:

> Anyone care to share insights on what will happen to MySql and
> especially how this will affect Firebird?

Two things here AFAICS.

1) RDB - the ancient DEC database bought 15 years ago
by Oracle and still going strong - although with little
effort to publicise it on the part of Oracle - that is a
plus for Oracle and the MySQL acquisition - Oracle can point
to a proven track record of product maintenance.

2) Ideology - many of those who use(d) MySQL would have
had some sort of commitment to Open Source/Software Libre,
ranging from "that's nice/cool" to "no way am I using anything
else". I think there will be a degree of leakage from those
people to other Open Source RDBMS's. See here what Joshua
Drake (a heavy hitter in the PostgreSQL community) has
to say about it (mentions Firebird).

MySQL doesn't really compete with Oracle - I see Oracle
offering smoother upgrade paths, and possibly revising the
terms of the licencing, but not doing away with it


> Douglas Tosi