Subject Firebird License question
Author gabrielsenkim
I'm new to firebird and i'd like some clearification on a question
reagarding the license. I hope this is the correct group for this kind
of questions.

I'm not a lawyer just a developer so if this question seems trivial
please bear with me. I've read the Initial Developer's PUBLIC LICENSE
Version but i'm still not quite certain.

I'm starting a new C++ project - lets call it The App. In this project
i'm using Firebird as a black box which means i'm using it for storing
data. The App links to some firebird libraries in order to communicate
with the database back end.

When i distribute The App along with firebird do i have to release my
source code as well?

It's not a problem to distribute the source code for firebird to my
customers if that's required.


Best regards

Kim Gabrielsen