Subject Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author Lester Caine
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> > But nobody seems interested in pulling all the separate sections of
> Firebird web presence together in a consolidated whole :(
> I think we all want that, and I think we can do it. But what exactly
> ware you proposing with bitweaver? More exactly, what is the
> environment and how are we gonna use it? What is required of us?

? Apache/PHP/Firebird on any OS
4 years ago NONE of the CMS packages supported Firebird out of the
box, so I spent months tidying up 'tikiwiki' only to find that it's
structure was useless for expansion, and then I found a group had
already split off to form tikipro - which had to be renamed bitweaver
after complaints from the tikiwiki project. bitweaver will allow you
to take a module and re-egineer it for your own use without breaking
any of the rest of the framework - or write a new function and install
it into a working site! Just need to get the email handling completed
for a replacement to yahoo for forum/lists :)

> About the learning curve, well... I mean all wikis have the little
> toolbar above the editor. And what's the learning curve on this?
> == some title ==
> some text
> - bullet list
> - bullet list
> more //italic// **bold** etc.etc.

mediawiki, which ever you want. In fact there is no problem running
BOTH wiki and html, but when we first set things up, the problem of
including {code source=SQL /} segments into a wiki format gave
problems so the decision was that just html was better. BOTH were run
for a while and I still have the wiki format pages for the SQL
reference if needed ;)

After three years I've just got used to fckeditor and tinymce and need
to use it to include Paypal buttons on my 'wiki' pages sort of
prevents mixing with other page formats.

( For some reason some of these messages are not appearing on my local
email so I'm posting this on line )