Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Advertisement opportunity for Firebird
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Seems that this "voting" is not directed to everyone. I did the logo
and tried to upload it but, like you, I never had used StackOverflow
before so, even after registering, I was not able to upload the image.
So, I asked Douglas to upload it.

After Douglas uploaded it, I tried to vote, and found out that you
need at last 15 reputation/points to be able to vote :-(

In other words, this voting is directed only for StackOverflow "real"
users, not for outsiders :(

Carlos H. Cantu - -

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>> On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 1:35 PM, Paul Vinkenoog
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>> > Looks nice on that blue background!
>> I thought so too!
>> We made it to the top selection:
>> Please vote for it.

CVC> Douglas, to be honest, I don't remember having visited stackoverflow before.
CVC> Your logo looks nice, but I tried that address
CVC> and get only timeouts. In contrast, this page renders quickly for me:
CVC> r-1h-2010/33429#33429

CVC> What is needed now? Comments on the second link or voting on the first link?