Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Does Firebird needs a new logo?
Author Carlos H. Cantu

Just to make things clear: I have no problems with the currently logo.
I even like it, and my vote was to keep it :)

The purpose of putting that poll in FBNews is because Pavel told (in
FB-Web) that he would like to change the logo. I'll not repeat his
words or reasons here, just read the latest messages in fb-web archives.

So, I set up the poll just to see what other people thinks about this

Carlos H. Cantu - -

AWH> Carlos,

AWH> Generally companies change their logo when they're in panic
AWH> mode about something. The current logo is strong, simple, and
AWH> easy to associate with the product and the group. Changing it
AWH> signals weakness.

AWH> Best regards,

AWH> Ann