Subject Re: Firebird Conference 2009?
Author tjelvare
"there was absolutely no interest in Firebird"
was quite sad to here.

I'm using firebird on a vps for web applications, (php), and
I belive here's a potential audience there as well.

FB is far more easy laid out than mysql, one file, doesn't
choke when moving from CaseI-filesystem to CaseS, low resources
and 100% open source.

What's missing is support for basic vps functionality, such as
dovecot-auth, (currently pgsql, mysql and sqlite I belive).

Also, I belive one of the big reasons FB doesn't get the light it deserves
is the lack of a modern homepage. Is there any progressive work going
on in this matter?

The common opinion on the net is that FB has stalled,
that the docs are poor and so on (google). Personally, I have a hard
time to convince clients to go the FB-path as the current
homepage looks very dated on first impression.

Almad puts it more frankly at

All the best,

--- In, "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...> wrote:
> Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:
> >
> >
> > As I wrote at
> > separate Firebird conference is just a waste of resources. We must take
> > sub-conference on FrOSCon or similar conference. It would allow us to
> > gain bigger audience with less efforts.
> >
> I attended and talked at several general open source conferences
> including FOSDEM and OSCON. With the exception of a couple of
> generic open source database conferences where panel discussions
> got some interest in Firebird, there was absolutely no interest
> in Firebird - except a bit from developers of other open source
> databases looking for ideas.
> Our natural audience is developers who want to package and sell
> proprietary applications. Firebird is easier to package and
> install than Postgres; more capable than SQLite; and doesn't
> charge a royalty like MySQL. Those people don't go to FrOSCon.
> I suspect that the conferences they go to are dedicated to
> selling software in their markets - places where they can grow
> their own sales.
> Best regards,
> Ann