Subject Re[2]: [Firebird-general] Two Firebird days in Germany - Erlanger Firebird Tag - eFBT
Author Björn Reimer
>> Seems like an *extended* day to me
> Maybe you should spread the news to german related news sites (heise ,
> golem ...)
> I will add an notice on also is already added on

Thank you.
We'll spread it a little bit wider, when the webpage is online.

But I think everybody who is able to present something about firebird is reading at least this newsgroup and/or ;-)

>> But I wish you success!
> Viel Glück!
> I don't know too much about German computer related media , maybe we
> should make an list
> and help you with spreading the news

> guten nacht


Björn Reimer - RRZE