Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Copy idea from OpenSSH website?
Author Björn Reimer

> marius popa wrote:
>>> Firebird has a nice logo, but I think the simple blinking text
>>> attracts even more.
>> I have seen on cakephp that they have an donation button
>> on each download

But therefore you need a special download script. I'm not sure,
sourceforge will support this!

> 10% is far from any real CTR you should expect. It is more realistic
> that the donation button would get around 2-3% of clicks, of which maybe
> 10% people would really donate. So, for 1.000.000 downloads, that would
> be about about $2000-3000.

That'll be as much as another silver sponsor!
Better than nothing!

Is there a statistic about income from the button on the website?

May be the windows installer can have a more flashy hint to donations.
As we got from conference more than 80% of downloads are windows


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