Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Embarcadero TechnologiesR to Acquire CodeGearT From BorlandR Software
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
paulruizendaal wrote:
>> ABS> I really thought Code Gear had at least 10 times more value
>> Maybe it had, but nobody would buy ;)
> It did. Back in 2004 director Coates was offering $130 mln for Delphi
> and related, but I'm not sure he had credible funding. As late as 2006
> spinning out Interbase in an Ingres type play may have been worth $30
> mln, never mind the IDE stuff.
> Sales seriously plummeted in the last years: for the last 6 years, each
> year it was $25 mln less than the year before and 2007 had only about
> $50 mln in sales left. If the line continued, sales would have been
> zero in 2010.
> At least they have a stable home now. Not so sure about the ALM
> business though. It is still burning cash and even with the $23 mln for
> CodeGear they will not have enough money to repay the $100 mln loan
> when it matures in a few years time.
> Perhaps by then the name Borland will be so cheap to buy even the
> community can afford to bid for it.

We all know that everything is reduced to business, if money is good,
will be interest and investment in a product.. If that product has no
ROI, there is no reason to put more money on it.

But when the product was in the hands of their fathers, there is hope,
that the desire to make the product survive could help in the
development, and that power put it on the line of growth again.

Now Delphi (CodeGear in fact) are on hands of a Investment Fund, they
have no linking to the product by it self, the only link is between
investors and money coming in.


My hope, is that the Investment Fund want the money spent back in short
time, and in a bigger ammount, so investments will be made do develop
it... Dreaming is for free :)

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil