Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Embarcadero TechnologiesR to Acquire CodeGearT From BorlandR Software
Author Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB)
Hi Paul!

Good to see you around (alive and with good memory) ;)

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>> ABS> I really thought Code Gear had at least 10 times more value
>> Maybe it had, but nobody would buy ;)

p> It did. Back in 2004 director Coates was offering $130 mln for Delphi
p> and related, but I'm not sure he had credible funding. As late as 2006
p> spinning out Interbase in an Ingres type play may have been worth $30
p> mln, never mind the IDE stuff.

p> Sales seriously plummeted in the last years: for the last 6 years, each
p> year it was $25 mln less than the year before and 2007 had only about
p> $50 mln in sales left. If the line continued, sales would have been
p> zero in 2010.

p> At least they have a stable home now. Not so sure about the ALM
p> business though. It is still burning cash and even with the $23 mln for
p> CodeGear they will not have enough money to repay the $100 mln loan
p> when it matures in a few years time.

p> Perhaps by then the name Borland will be so cheap to buy even the
p> community can afford to bid for it.