Subject Re: Best Linux distribution for Firebird
Author rudi_josic
Thanks Norman,

I tried debian etch and firebird 1.5 and works fine running my olds
apps,but there is no official debian packages for firebird 2.1.

I'll try firebird 2.1 over:
Mandriva 2008 Free (Helen Tip)
OpenSuse 11 (Your Tip and suggested by Helen too )
for my new proyect and i'll comment any result

--- In, Norman Dunbar <Norman@...> wrote:
> > I know it's late, i don't receive reply alert :(
> I never saw the original question I'm afraid. :-(
> However, I have run various versions of Firebird on Suse and OpenSuse
> with very little trouble. Now whether or not that makes OpenSuse (11 at
> the moment) the *best* Linux to run Firebird on, I have no idea. It
> simply works for me.
> My system is a Sony Vaio Laptop (PCG-FR315S) with Pentium 4 processor
> and 1GB of RAM.
> I do think that OpenSuse 11.0 is by far the best distribution I have
> run, and I've played around with Mandrake, Suse, OpenSuse, Centos,
> Fedora, Red Hat and Debian at various stages. OpenSuse 11.0 just does
> what I want it to do - Firebird, Docbook, DVDs, rip CDs to Ogg format,
> playback of same, and programming - for fun and when I get a chance.
> Cheers,
> Norman.