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Jason Wharton (the developer of IB Objects) used to work at the 'IT department of the Secretary of State's office at the Arizona State Capitol' (for all I know, he may still be working there), and I think they at least used to have lots of InterBase installations (I found the mentioning on, I think that must have been for the Firebird conference around 2005?). Jason himself may, unfortunately, be a bit difficult to get in touch with currently - I think he moved to a place with severely limited Internet connectivity.

Also, SAS Institute considered using something derived from Firebird (Vulcan) as their embedded database some time ago, I don't know whether they've changed their opinion or not.

For a 'dependent' comparison between MySQL and Firebird, I suppose Ann Harrison would be the main expert for valuable advice, she works for MySQL and has intimate knowledge about Firebird and InterBase. Though I don't know whether she can or want to compare the databases.


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Subject: [Firebird-general] Citing Firebird's popularity

I'm working on a proposal with a government client in the USA, that has a
strong philosphy for open source software. This is great, as it mimicks our
company's direction. However their main IT shop is more 'comfortable' with
MySQL for some reason, and when we stated we are a Firebird shop we got a
bit of reluctance from them.

I would like to cite some 3rd party polls that show Firebird popularity in
the open source community, and ideally some independent comparisons between
MySQL & Firebird on performance, feature set, reliability and rugged
performance. It would also be helpful to cite any testimonials that large
organizations have in regards to Firebird (ie. Where its being used, case
studies, etc.).

Is there any form of a central repository for this kind of information that
I can use in proposals, etc.?


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