Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Create a registered user database
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:29 AM 21/10/2008, Kevin Rood wrote:

> > No. Kebin said that OpenOffice like user regstration.
> >
> > This is organization-leve issue.
>That's right, what I suggested is not related to the design of the
>database, but rather
>recording the number of "registered users" of Firebird (or at least
>to have some number).
>Along with that, creating a means to officially inform users of
>important news dealing with
>new releases of the software, etc. The e-mails sent to this list
>would be very few (not like
>any of the lists currently available for Firebird).

Och, sorry, I'm not "with it" at the moment, being seriously immersed
in Hardware Hell.

What you're after is some kind of interface on the AfterInstall page
that you are directed to after installing Firebird, giving people the
option to register as Firebird users - right?

If so, there's currently an open season on the delights people desire
on a refurbished Firebird web site. You can join the
firebird-website list to contribute ideas or, better, put a feature
request in the Tracker WEB project. The website doesn't currently
have a database back-end (other than text .dat files) but the
Tracker's server hosts a Firebird server which is waiting for the
main website's redevelopment...

Actually, other (and possibly better) ideas were circulating about a
year ago, for hooking up some plugin modules for JIRA, that are
already available, to augment what the Tracker currently does. The
handicap to progress on that, AFAIR, is that the version of the JIRA
we are using needs to be upgraded, which in turn requires an upgrade
to the OpenSuSE version we are running there.

And it's still a bit of an issue whether we stick with JIRA or find
something with a less infuriating user interface and a bit more
stability. That's not a trivial decision, either.