Subject Re: [Firebird-general] PHP is droping support for Interbase/Firebird in PHP5.3.x
Author Dan Wilson
marius popa wrote:
> Don't rush yet because now there is an migration to pdo from what i uderstand
> at least that is the microsoft+zend+ibm+oracle push
> So on our to do list is :
> 1. build php5.3 with visual studio and send them the binaries for the
> extension (see the php wiki)
> 2. fix the firebird blob issues that are still left in the php
> bugtracking system
> 3. take the firebird pdo extension out of the experimental stage
> After that we can do an good fork :)
> but it's easy we just need to push the php firebird api and function
> aliases first
> and i think we can do some ifdef for firebird api specific for the beginning
> until they decide that we worth and extension space
I have Visual Studio 2005. Can I be of any assistance?