Subject PHP is droping support for Interbase/Firebird in PHP5.3.x
Author Lester Caine
Just to let people know.

CURRENTLY the php_interbase driver has been dropped from PHP as of PHP5.3.0 so
IF you want to use Firebird with PHP then you are stuck with PHP5.2.6 and
hopefully 5.2.7 when some windows builds of the RC appear.
This has come about because the current driver needs a fairly major rewrite to
make all of the changes brought about by the PHP goal posts being moved
drastically. PHP5.3 is a fairly major restructure - which even THEY can not
agree on yet - and is incompatible with the 5.2 code base.

It would be nice if people could add a little support to the pressure to get
the problems sorted out!

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