Subject Re: [Firebird-general] PHP is droping support for Interbase/Firebird in PHP5.3.x
Author Dan Wilson
Lester Caine wrote:
> Just to let people know.
> CURRENTLY the php_interbase driver has been dropped from PHP as of PHP5.3.0 so
> IF you want to use Firebird with PHP then you are stuck with PHP5.2.6 and
> hopefully 5.2.7 when some windows builds of the RC appear.
> This has come about because the current driver needs a fairly major rewrite to
> make all of the changes brought about by the PHP goal posts being moved
> drastically. PHP5.3 is a fairly major restructure - which even THEY can not
> agree on yet - and is incompatible with the 5.2 code base.
> It would be nice if people could add a little support to the pressure to get
> the problems sorted out!
Sounds like all the more reason for us to work on creating a new
php_firebird driver. I have hesitated to volunteer to help on this as I
am seriously overbooked as it is, but the state of affairs you have
described will rapidly become a show-stopper.

Are the php devs open to accepting a php_firebird driver into the
codebase, if one is written by people outside the php dev world?

Thanks for the heads-up!