Subject Greg Sabino Mullane: Yet Another Engine
Author mariuz
Yet another engine for mysql , called Maria

Sent to you by mariuz via Google Reader: Greg Sabino Mullane: Yet
Another Engine via ::Planet PostgreSQL:: on 1/27/08
Apparently Monty and crew have been hard at work on yet another engine
for MySQL, this one called "Maria" and is billed as, and I quote, "a
crash-safe alternative to MyISAM" (hint, hint, for people still using
MyISAM). Apparently it also will support a transactional mode as well,
making it a possible successor to InnoDB, and perhaps a competitor to
Falcon. It's not clear how Falcon and Maria will interact in future
versions of MySQL (I'd ask on Monty's blog but it's one of those
unfriendly ones that won't let the general public post to it).

I've still yet to be convinced that the multiple-engine theory is a
good one, but it's good to see that MySQL AB is recognizing the flaws
of MyISAM and InnoDB (technical and legal, respectively) and making
progress to replace them. Interesting times ahead.

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