Subject Re: [Firebird-general] What do you think about Firebird official site?
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Lester,

> The SQL reference guide that I had running on a Firebird powered wiki
> some time ago has died again through lack of support, and while I know
> it's somewhere in the documentation project I can't see it.

Neither can I, and I'm surprised that the wiki is still down / down again.
Checking my mail archives, I see we had a discussion about it on the admin
list in June/July. You had set it up, there were some login issues and the
last thing I see is a message from Paul R. that he'll try to fix it. Then
in November there's talk of Atlassian Confluence, but I don't know in how
far that's related (or if the two wikis are going to be in each other's

Maybe it's time to bring it up on the admin list again.

Paul Vinkenoog