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>> I don't think so!
>> Not unless the electricity to charge the batteries is from solar, wind,
> ...
> It seems the technlogy is already here:
> C.

A friend of mine build a solar car to run on "World Solar Challenge"
that cross the Australia desert.

The car was called "The Banana Enterprise".

It was some years ago, on that time, the solar cells has 16% of
conversion efficiency, the winner car used a photovoltaic cell with 22%
of efficiency (if I recall correct) the solar panel used on the winner
car costs more than a million dollar (it used state of the art
technology at that time).

That was some years ago, nowadays the solar cells had evolved a lot, and
have more efficiency, but still needs a big area to get enough power to
make a car move, the racing cars uses a pack of batteries to help drive
enough energy (at full power the car consumes more energy than the solar
panel provides), there are a lot of techniques to save power, for
example, when one breaks the car an inversor charges the battery running
some component (can't remember the name) on reverse direction) and so on.

I think in some years the scientists will found a good way to transform
solar power into electricity efficiently (instead of generating a lot of
heat and a few electricity).

Until there anyone on the world could use ethanol cars, here in Brazil
we have a lot of space to plant sugar-cane and has the technology for
more than 2 decades. :-)

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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