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>> I don't think so!
>> Not unless the electricity to charge the batteries is from solar, wind,
> ...

> It seems the technlogy is already here:

photovoltaic solar cells require so much energy during their
production that they take between 50% to 80% of their usable live to produce
this energy again ,
add to this the amount of energy needed for the production of the controllers and
batteries to store the electricity then the whole system comes out
with a negative energy balancesheet
(this is based on average central european sunshine duration and
intensity )

photovoltaic systems are only usefull where there is no other power
source , or when you save on laying long wiring

solar power is at the moment best used in producing warm water
for electric power on a large scale heating water (or other
liquids) to drive regular steam turbines

this is off topic for this list , so any comments are welcome but
please off the list

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