Subject Firebird 2.0 Book Supplement for the Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers
Author Paul Beach
The Firebird 2.0 Book Supplement is available.

If you bought an original copy of
The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers
directly from IBPhoenix you should have already received an
email giving you instructions on how to download your free
copy of the Firebird 2.0 Supplement to the book.
If you didn't, then please let me know off list.

Otherwise you might want consider buying the supplement
directly from the IBPhoenix shop.

The Supplement follows the format and layout of the original book,
to make it easy to print out sections and insert them into your
hard copy of the main book. Where applicable, the Errata for the
main book are appended to the respective Supplement chapter.
They can be printed out as lone pages if you wish to tape the
Errata to the applicable pages.

Icons are used throughout to draw your attention to Firebird 2
changes and features that might affect your legacy databases
and applications when migrating. In appropriate places, page
references to the main book are given as a reference to
background information.

Appendix X (Error Codes) and Appendix XI (Reserved Words)
have both been completely updated so that you have an
complete on-hand reference to these sets. New character
sets and collations appear in Appendix VIII.

More details on the supplement can be found at:


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