Subject Re: [Firebird-general] (unknown)
Author Nando Dessena

P> 5. "Like other open source databases, the only source of
P> support for Firebird is third-party
P> organizations. Unfortunately, third-party support providers do not have the access to and
P> integration with the engineers developing the product that you find with commercial databases
P> like InterBase and this limits both the level of support you
P> can get and the speed with which you
P> can get it."

P> I particularly dislike this one.... :-) This is completely
P> incorrect. IBP for example communicates
P> and works with the developers and the project all the time.

Ditto. And, it is probably easier for IBP to communicate with
Firebird's core devs than it is for CodeGear's customer support to do
so for IB. ;-)

Nando Dessena