Subject RE: [Firebird-general] (unknown)
Author Paul Beach
> In CodeGear's InterBase 2007 page,
> There is a document "The Ideal Database for Your Business".
> It mentions Firebird 1.5.

Usual Marketing stuff

1. Re Classic, fine grained, multi-threaded SMP support for Firebird will be available in
3.0. Using the merge between Vulcan and the current Firebird code base. Work is taking
place on the merge right now. Although there are som issues with the Vulcan code base
now, it can be downloaded and experimented with as a snapshot.
Interesting comment about Classic, there were a large number of InterBase *nix users that
did not go to InterBase SuperServer, nor will utilise even the latest SMP Superserver
because Classic provided a robust capability that SuperServer never did. i.e. if
if SuperServer dies it takes down the whole server, Classic only kills a single process
all other users continue. This is still an issue for users today...
2. Limited Recovery - NBackup is in FB2.0
3. Performance Monitoring - is in FB2.1
4. Temporary Tables - FB2.1
5. "Like other open source databases, the only source of support for Firebird is third-party
organizations. Unfortunately, third-party support providers do not have the access to and
integration with the engineers developing the product that you find with commercial databases
like InterBase and this limits both the level of support you can get and the speed with which you
can get it."

I particularly dislike this one.... :-) This is completely incorrect. IBP for example communicates
and works with the developers and the project all the time.