Subject "DevCo" and Firebird, a summary
Author paulruizendaal
Herewith an attempt at summary & conclusions

1. If things work out, the arrival of DevCo could be a plus for the
FB community, with benefits to be had by both sides.

2. Bad things may happen. We may have different views about how
likely this is or how bad the fall-out would be, but they can happen.

3. The bad things are possible regardless of our initial stance. They
may happen it we approach things with a hostile attitude, they may
happen if we approach things with a welcoming attitude.

4. The best thing the community could do, is to begin with a positive
stance and see what happens. Nothing is lost if we would have to
change that stance following bad faith actions by DevCo.

5. The best things DevCo could do, would be to provide some funding
to the community to make it stronger, and to actively avoid taking on
customers that are currently served well by community companies*.

Is this a good summary?


*) Actually, neither customers nor the law are kind to suppliers
attempting to divide the marked between them; so I am talking about
sensible competition here, not explicit agreements. Working in a $8
billion market places the odds against competing at the same accounts