Subject Re: "DevCo" & Firebird
Author paulruizendaal
> Dumping IB is never gonna happen, the VARs won't allow it. That is,
> for a large part, why the initial open source version was taken back
> and development continued on a closed source version.

It need not be a binary choice. They can do both IB (in 'maintenance
mode', as per today) and FB (the future of the business).

Working from that 35 people in the IB group assumption, some 7 would be
developers: 3 to maintain IB and 4 to keep up with, and contribute to,
FB development. Some of the resource would probably go to closed source
enhancements. So in summary:
- 15 sales
- 7 support
- 7 development
- 6 operations & admin

I have no inside knowledge, but the above would make sense to me.