Subject Re: "DevCo" & Firebird
Author paulruizendaal
> MySQL has 4,000 paying customers and something like 40 mln income
> doubling each year...

Nope. They had 4,000 customers and 20 mln in revenues, and 7,000
customers with 40 mln in revenues the next year. If their stride is
unbroken, the next figures coming out should be around 10,000 customers
and 60 mln in revenues. They didn't announce anything at the user
conference, so I suspect figures have fallen somewhat short.

> But if DevCo invests money into the project, they want to gain
> something too. And this is the main danger, since if they play unfair
> we might loose our project.

How would that work? How can we loose the project? The only scenario I
can see is if they hire 10..20 people, and keep on hiring every capable
body that shows up. Is that realistic?