Subject RE: [Firebird-general] "DevCo" & Firebird
Author Steve Summers
Martijn Tonies Wrote

>> >Why should "DevCo" be interested in Firebird?
>> IMO, the question is why would DevCo be interested in KEEPING IB as a part of their business?

> Because it's profitable?

> That's what we've been hearing in the more recent years, as opposed to before a few years back...

> Dumping IB is never gonna happen, the VARs won't allow it. That is, for a large part, why the initial open source version was
taken back and development continued on a closed source version.

But isn't the part of the business focused on selling things like DBMS systems, the part that ISN'T being spun off into a
separate company to be focused on selling development tools to programmers? It would seem to me that IB is much more like the
products Borland is keeping than the ones it's spinning off. Why aren't they keeping it?