Subject Re: [OT] IBPhoenix Share Issue
Author paulruizendaal
Forgot an interesting data point: JBoss.

According to Larry Ellison, JBoss sales were about 17 mln. JBoss
employs 150 people, so about $110K per head. Growing fast. Valued at
350 mln, i.e. about 20 times sales, and at 420 mln, i.e. 25 times if
growth continues.

It will be interesting to see how MySQL numbers come out. Are they
continuing to grow at a brisk pace? If so, and sales would come out at
say $60 mln for the current financial year (anything less would be a
dissapointment), then they would be worth 25 x 60 = 1.5 billion. If
sales are stuck at around 40 mln, then something is wrong and it might
only be 5 x 60 = 300 million.

With all the new competition and the express editions of the
proprietary players, anything is possible.