Subject Re: [OT] IBPhoenix Share Issue
Author paulruizendaal
> More feedback required :-)

Okay, but good creative thoughts do not happen overnight. Give
everybody some time to ponder. Also, before everybody gets lost in
detailed financials and valuations, let's try to figure out a good
growth plan.

> I would like to get some more people on board, to help with
> a, finding new things we could sell, improving our support expertise
> and infrastructure and organising the conference. As well as
> bespoke development etc etc however our current mechanism of organic
> growh will not allow this. As we are running about right in terms of
> revenues v's expenses.

In generic terms the things to sell are:
1. support
2. extented versions (open or closed source)
3. software co-products: admin, tools, replication, etc.
4. other co-products: books, conferences, t-shirts, etc.
5. licenses
If people know other categories, or a better grouping, please step

Support in effect means doing a (minimal) distribution, because it
must be something defined that is being supported. Extended versions
are things like Yaffil, Vulcan and Fyracle. SW co-products are things
like Database Workbench, IBReplicator, IBObjects, etc. Licenses are
out of the question for FB, I think - both unfeasible and undesirable.

In terms of route-to-market, I think there are three options:
1. sell 'shrink-wrap' stuff to developers via the web
2. sell support & extensions to mid/large end users & ISV's using a
field sales force
3. do both

Well, FB community, where do you think the opportunities are?

> As Paul points out we are not VC attractive, so angel investment
> would be required to take us to the next step. In terms of an
> integrated Firebird stack, the thought has crossed my mind...
> although to make it work would require some serious effort and
> thought. Soemthing we don't have the bandwidth for yet. However
> providing suitable integrated development solutions for Firebird
> and maintaining them in a managed way, would I think benefit
> not only developers but companies using and deploying the software.

Well, next to angel investment there is 'sweat equity', i.e. doing
work for free. We all know about that.

It is probably never going to work, but pooling the know-how of 4,5
businesses in the community and of 5..10 individuals would put most
of the pieces into place overnight. Getting together an afforable,
skilled, technical sales force with the right global coverage would
be the hardest part.